Graduate study

Our graduate degrees set you up for specialist, in-demand roles in industry, with options to integrate research training for expanded career opportunities. We also offer graduate certificates and diplomas for those looking to up-skill and professionals considering a career change.

Masters degrees by coursework

Join a diverse network of leading minds and  develop specialised knowledge and technical and practical skills that will help you make an immediate impact on issues such as sustainability, land and forest management or food supply.

As well as the Masters programs below, our world-renowned academics teach into other graduate degrees offered by the Faculty of Science.

Two people in white coats are carrying a plant through a greenhouse
  • Master of Agricultural Sciences

    Master the science of sustainable and profitable food and fibre production. Build specialist, in-demand skills across science, technology and economics to develop effective solutions for critical issues affecting communities at local, regional and global level. Choose from five specialisations.

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  • Master of Ecosystem Management and Conservation

    Explore the biophysical and social aspects of ecosystems, while building practical skills in land and forest management through industry and field exposure.

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  • Master of Food and Packaging Innovation

    A unique, industry-led degree – the only one of its kind in the world – that combines food science, entrepreneurship and innovation in product and packaging design, preparing you for an exciting career in food development, technology and innovation.

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  • Master of Food Science

    Design new and better ways to feed the world. Combine a strong foundation in food chemistry, processing, sensory science, food safety and microbiology with career-focused electives and the opportunity to conduct an original research project.

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  • Master of Science (BioSciences)

    This degree, which includes a major research project, will take your expertise in biological sciences to an advanced level and prepare you for a career in research.

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  • Master of Urban Horticulture

    The only course of its kind in the southern hemisphere, you'll learn to create, manage and advocate for urban greening.

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Adding a research project to a Masters degree

If you'd like to incorporate research into your graduate coursework study, explore our research opportunities to find a supervisor or project that is available for Masters students.

Graduate certificates and graduate diplomas

Our certificates and diplomas and subjects are great choices for graduates looking to up-skill and professionals considering a career change.

Image of Mitchell Stephen

Case study: Mitchell Smith

It only took one subject in ecosystem science for Mitchell Smith to find his dream career as a forest fire-fighter. Since taking a capstone subject in Forest Systems, Mitchell has worked across Victoria and the Tiwi Islands in the fire management sector.

These experiences inspired him to return to study and complete graduate studies in Bushfire Planning and Management.

  • Graduate Certificate in Arboriculture

    Learn how to manage trees in the urban forest, study tree growth and function, plant identification and selection, pests and diseases, and environmental stresses.

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  • Graduate Certificate in Bushfire Planning and Management

    Enhance your knowledge of fire in the Australian landscape and further develop skills in either planning and regulation to minimise bushfire risks or fire management.

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  • Graduate Certificate in Garden Design

    Learn about holistic design principles, how to choose and use the right plants for the right situations, and develop skills in drawing and graphic presentation.

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  • Graduate Certificate in Green Infrastructure

    Develop cross-disciplinary approaches to the planning, design and management of green infrastructure to improve city environments, including urban trees, green roofs and walls, and water-sensitive urban design.

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  • Graduate Certificate in Urban Horticulture

    Looking for a career change with a focus on plants? The Graduate Certificate of Urban Horticulture is a perfect introduction to the foundations of designing, creating, managing and advocating for urban green spaces.

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  • Graduate Diploma in Urban Horticulture

    Explore the foundations of designing, creating, managing and advocating for urban green spaces. This is a potential pathway into the Master of Urban Horticulture.

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Short courses and micro-certificates

A short course is a great pathway into further study or another tool in your professional skillset

  • Discovering horticulture

    An excellent introductory course for those wishing to learn more about horticulture.

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  • Urban Forests Masterclass: the Australian School of Urban Forestry

    Explore how you can help protect, manage and restore urban forests for more resilient cities.

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  • Assessment of Bushfire Exposure

    Gain the skills to provide bushfire assessments and recommendations to build fire-resilient properties.

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