Plant growth facilities, farm and nursery

Controlled environment studies are an essential tool to assess the responses of plants to environmental stresses or changes in our climate. Across Burnley, Creswick and Dookie campuses we have a range of glasshouse facilities for controlled environment studies.

Facilities at Burnley

  • Three one chamber nursery glasshouses, limited temperature control
  • Four shadehouses
  • Nursery complex with commercial nursery equipment
  • Open area for irrigated outdoor experiments

Facilities at Creswick

  • PC2 glasshouse for pathogen work or genetically manipulated organisms. This glasshouse has three individual chambers where temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration can be controlled
  • Temperature controlled one chamber nursery glasshouse
  • Growth cabinets and various incubator cabinets

Facilities at Dookie

  • 220 hectares of canola and 430 hectares of wheat and 5000 merinos pastured on 1200 hectares of clover, lucerne and phalaris
  • A carbon flux tower to measure greenhouse gas emissions related to pastures and crops
  • A seed bank of native species
  • Automation technology to optimise horticulture and viticulture irrigation using water measurement techniques such as crop evapotranspiration, crop water stress index, and soil moisture depletion.