About us

The School of Agriculture and Food (SAF) and the School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences (SEFS) bring together a wide range of disciplines spanning from the study of ecosystem processes and management to agriculture, agribusiness, land and resource use and conservation, applied social sciences, soil sciences, crop and animal production, food and nutrition sciences. Our staff and students work in urban, rural, and wildland settings in Australia and across the world.

Giovanni Turchini, wearing a suit and tie, standing in front of a bush
Professor Giovanni Turchini, Head of School of SAF and SEFS

Message from the Head of School

Our goal is to collaborate widely across the University and beyond while innovating in teaching, research and engagement. We work in partnership with policymakers, businesses, practitioners, industry and communities to generate research and knowledge that is solution-oriented, impactful and useful for decision-making.

We recognise the complex interplay between human and environmental health, and between production and conservation. We work across various disciplines to tackle major global issues through world-renowned research, education and engagement.

Our history and future

Disciplines within the School have a long history in Victoria, with teaching and research in agriculture at Dookie Campus since 1886, in horticulture at Burnley Campus since 1891 and forest sciences at Creswick Campus since 1910. Building on these foundations, in 2023 the School of Agriculture and Food and the School of Ecosystem and Forest Science merged to become one expanded and future-oriented school within the Faculty of Science.

We have a breadth of experience and capacity to address a wide range of issues including environmentally and economically sustainable agricultural practices, climate change, bushfires, food security, urban sustainability, livestock welfare, biodiversity conservation, sustainable forest management, invasive species and biosecurity threats.

Our places

School staff are located across four University campuses – Parkville, Dookie, Burnley and Creswick – with excellent facilities for study and research, in the heart of Melbourne and regional Victoria.

This reach provides a unique opportunity for our students and researchers to work across campuses, collaborate on real-world issues and access a wider range of industry partnerships and internships.

We are collegial, responsible and collaborative. We acknowledge the deep links between people and Country in Aboriginal culture and the knowledge and understanding that Indigenous communities across the world bring to the study of ecosystems and their management.

Our values

We conduct our research and engagement with integrity and respect, and we embrace diversity and inclusion in our community. We aim to maintain strong connections with our many alumni.

As a potential student, researcher, or collaborator, you are very welcome to visit us and learn more about our activities.

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